Coronavirus End Game

March 9th, 2020 – A message from the Lord

“I have come to bring True News, news you can trust.  Not news from the minds of men, but heavenly news.  I have come to bring my heavenly perspective on what you endure today.

Trust the good news that my Son died for your sins so that you can live in freedom knowing eternally you are mine.  Bought and paid for by the blood of the lamb.

Truly, truly I say to you today – you are loved with an eternal love.  My perspective must become your perspective.

That which has now come upon this earth will not stop or slow until all has been accomplished.  The schemes of the enemy must be brought into the light.  Satan’s plan to bring death and destruction is in process, but I will use this to accomplish my good.  Just as Satan thought that he had won when Jesus was crucified, so will he soon see that what he thinks he is accomplishing now, will backfire.

You see now the countries of this world coming together under my time piece, Israel.  (Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, held a video conference early on the 9th with the leaders of Europe with a message to coordinate resources to slow the progression of the Coronavirus.)  Nations united against a common threat – sickness leading to death, sickness leading to economic decline and instability, sickness leading to collapse of governments and nations.  They see this threat clearly.  It is real.  It is a real threat.

Do you see?  Do you see the plans coming together?  I told you through the Centurion (a reference to an angelic encounter December 16, 2015) that the battle lines were being drawn.  Do you see now?

I say, see.  See the truth for what it is.  Sickness leading to collapse leading to the One World Government and One World Religion.

Sickness… famine… unrest… war within and war without… collapse… One World under Satan.

But I say NO!  My plan from the beginning of time was to have a people living in relationship with me walking in the fullness of who I created them to be.  Look ahead and prepare your hearts for what is to come.  Hang on My (The Lord) every word.

My word tells you I will make a way when there seems like no way.  I will make a way but you must listen and follow me.”

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