War, Famine and Pestilence – To Set His Children Free


A word from the Lord: 2.20.18

Write what I have to say to the Nations:

(Scriptural references added in parenthesis to provide additional context.)

You are a trembling pot ready to boil over. (Zechariah 12 & 13) Every scheme of the enemy has added fuel to the fire that burns nearly out of control.

A fear will arise out of the leader of the north. I will put a hook in his jaw and cause him to march out in battle against the leader of the south. (Ezekiel 38 & 39 and Daniel 11:40-45). There will be an eruption of violence that follows across this whole earth. Nation will fight against nation. Do not think that the battle lines have not already been drawn. The lines are in place. The traps are set.

In the spiritual realm, the battle has already been raging. Michael has fought valiantly and shall prevail. (Daniel 12:1-3 and Rev 12:7-20). This is the catalyst to the war that is to come upon the earth. The powers of darkness recognize how short time has become. They will hold nothing back.

This must happen that my children can once again be freed – though so many do not even realize they are held captive. The time has come for the fulfillment of my promises made thousands of years ago to Jacob’s offspring (and those grafted in – Isaiah 56) through my prophets, Isaiah and Jeremiah, Daniel and Ezekiel. I will fulfill my promise once and for all. (Genesis 17:5-10) The time has come for all my children, (the House of) Israel and Judah, to reunite and come home. (Ezekiel 37:16-22)

I have warned of the coming famine. The fat years are nearly completed. Then will come the lean years. (A foreshadow from Genesis 41) If it were not for the Josephs, my children would perish. But they have been perfectly positioned and prepared, refined in the fire, and made ready to provide and lead.

A choice is coming for every child of God. Will you follow me? Will you choose to go where I lead you, your good shepherd, (John 10:27) or will you choose to follow man and lean on your own understanding?

My Joshuas and my Calebs will have my orders. (A foreshadow from Numbers 13 and 14). They will trust in me and they will not doubt my ability to conquer the giants that lie ahead. But will you follow them? Will you allow them to lead you into the Promised Land once and for all?

I promised I would return my children, all of them, to the land, all of it, which I gave to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. (Genesis 15 & 28 and Exodus 23:31). Watch and see what I will do. Don’t think that I would not use war, famine and pestilence to make it so. (Exodus 3:7-20 foreshadows this) This world and everything in it not of me will perish, but my children will be held safe in my arms. (Psalm 91) I will restore their hearts and their souls. (Ezekiel 11 & 36, Jeremiah 31 and Hebrews 8:10) I will put new flesh upon their bones. (Ezekiel 37) I will be their God and they will be my people.

And then, my Son will return to claim His Bride. All this must come to pass that my Word be fulfilled. (Isaiah 55:11)


Additional scriptural references (though not exhaustive) to the truth of God’s promises of reuniting all 12 tribes together and returning them to the Promised Land after causing judgment for disobedience to befall the nations they have been scattered towhich includes America (to be fulfilled in our generation):

(Isaiah was written 740-686 bc. The captivity or dispersement by the Assyrians of the 10 Northern tribes, also referred to as The House of Israel or Ephraim, began around 740bc.

Jeremiah was written between 626-587 bc. The captivity of the two southern tribes known as Judah by the Babylonians occurred from 597-581 bc. The reuniting of Israel and Judah that Isaiah and Jeremiah prophecies has not yet occurred in history, though the return of the Jews (Judah) commenced nearly 70 years ago with the re-formation of the nation of Israel.

Daniel lived from 620-538 bc. He was carried off by Nebudchenezer of Babylon in 605 bc. Ezekiel lived around the same time from 622-570 bc.)

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