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The Final Countdown Has Begun


The day draws near. It is so very near. You can feel the closeness of the hour that will come upon you like a thief in the night. (1 Thess. 5:2)

I will not forsake those that call upon my name. Now is the time to call out to me and be redeemed from the lost sheep. (Matt. 15:24). Call out to me and I will answer you. You were lost but now you are found. You have been found amongst a den of thieves. (Jer 7:11). You are surrounded by a den of robbers, but you can come out of them and be saved. You do not have to be like your brothers who are lost. Call on the One that saves, Yeshua, and be saved this day. (Romans 10:13)

Do not settle for cheap grace. Upon salvation, cling to me. Lock eyes on me and do not let go of my gaze. Allow me to lead you up and out of the pig pen into the glorious light of my true grace. To follow looks like something. It will look like forsaking all else, just as Jesus’ disciples did. (Matthew 4, Mark 1, Luke 5). Do not think that to follow me will be easy. Do not suppose that it will cause you to prosper on this earth just because you reclaim your heritage. There will be a price and it will be heavy, but Jesus’ has already paid it once and for all. (Gal 3:13-15)

There is one among you who must come out. There is one among you who has been hiding but I say this day, you cannot hide from me. You have never hidden from me though you hide from this world. It is time to come out of hiding and be who I created you to be. Fear not because my grace is sufficient. (2 Corin 12:9)

Come out of this world. (Rev 18:4) Oh, time is short. Stop wasting time and do what I created you to do. The clock nears the midnight hour and yet you slumber. Go to sleep then, and never wake up. For the time will pass you by.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… the countdown, the final countdown has begun. The dress rehearsals are over and this is the real show. You are about to see the pages of Revelations unfold in front of your eyes, sleeping or awake.

You do not believe me? See this. The sign I have placed in the heavens shall come to pass, and then you will know that the season of the end, the season your forefather’s spoke about is upon you. (Rev. 12)

North Korea? Do not fear North Korea. Fear me. Fear the great and terrible day of the Lord for it shall come just as I said and there will be no day like it. (Zeph. 1:14-15) Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey – all trembling pots near boiling over from the heat of my indignation. (Isaiah 34:2-8)

America, land of the free? No, that season is come to pass. You have taken my gift of freedom and spit in disgust. You have ravaged my children and caused death of mind, body, and soul. You have done this, oh children of Satan. You lost sight of who I created you to be, the true purpose of this nation. You turned away from me and have chosen a life of sin. (Galatians 5:19-21) What once was will be no more. The last great nation to come to be shall be the first of the great nations to fall at the time of the end. You will be ravaged by your enemies, just as you have killed your own babies day after day. Then, there will be blood in the streets as there has never been before in this nation. Mothers and fathers will cry out for the dead. Children will weep parentless. You will feel the tears that I have wept for generations now in this nation, but you will find no comfort.

You worship money so it will fail you. Your stock market will collapse under the weight of the deception that runs rampant. Your banks will fail you. You cling to money as if it can save you, but it can’t. It will fail you when you feel you need it the most. (1 Tim. 6:10)

Be assured, oh children of the one true God. There will be a transfer of wealth but it will be supernatural. It will confound those of the earth for they who are of this earth will not be able to make sense of it. I will have my treasure and it will be for my glory alone. I will build my mountains on this earth. (Isaiah 2:2). I will build every one, even as the mountains of this earth under Satan are torn down stone by stone, and brick by brick, not by human hands. (Daniel 2:44-45)

The fall is coming this fall. Yes, I say it. This fall the mighty fall will begin in earnest and there will be no slowing, just as I have said through my prophets for thousands of years, it will happen. (Isaiah 13)

Do you want to test me? Do you want to see how far you can push things? Foolish children, don’t you know it is wise to fear the Lord
Your God (Prov. 9:10), for there is none like Him. He is mighty and He is mighty to save. Do not test me. Instead, turn from your wicked ways and go as I tell you to go.

The days of a passive posture are gone. It is time to stand ready. Move as I say move. You must be ready for my orders will be passed out, and if you are not in position, you will be passed over.

Do not be passed over children! Accept your commissioning now, even at this word. Enter into covenant with me. I do not say this lightly. I am a covenant God and if you do not yet know my ways, you must learn them. (Jeremiah 31:31-34) I am stirring hearts to come back to my ways, the ancient paths that are straight and narrow. You can trust that I will also stir minds to understanding my ways as the time is short, fore I make a way.

My son came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it. (Matt 5:17-21) He did this, and you are to follow His example. Knock and the door will be opened to you. Seek and you will find. (Matt. 7:7-8). My ways are not hard and they are not impossible. To follow my ways is to begin to know me and who I am. It is why you were created – to know me, for us to walk together in the cool of the day in relationship. (Gen. 3:8). I know you, but you do not know me because you have not taken the time to seek me in My Word. Instead, you blindly accept the ways of the world. Do you not know that this is a perverse generation given over to every kind of evil? Why would you expect to find truth in the world?

Do you think you can find truth in the churches. Which one holds the truth? (There are literally thousands upon thousands if different “Christian” denominations worldwide today.)

I tell you the truth. My Word is the only truth. It can only be found through my son Jesus Christ. (John 14:6) Holy Spirit is my gift to you to open every Word to your understanding. (John 14:26). Begin to bathe yourself in My Word and see if the filth of this world begins to come off of you!

This is a hard word and my children don’t want to hear hard words, but it is time for the rod of correction to come. (Prob 13:24) I tell you that where my word is there my Heart will be also, and my Holy Spirit in great measure. I have the elixir for what ails you and you will not find it anywhere else.

At the time of the end, if you are not mine, then you are Satan’s. There will be no middle ground. My children will face much persecution, but you will walk in light like never before. No good gift will I withhold you so that you may go about my business until the very last day at the final trump. (1 Corin. 15:52). For those who my son will say “I did not know you”, the days ahead will be darker than you can bare. (Matt 7:21-23) You will wish for death but it will escape you. (Rev 9:6) Torment in this life will be yours, and in the life to come.

Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven draws near. (Matt 4:17)

God’s Children – An exceeding great army


April 22nd, 2017 – Word from the Lord

To my children, I say this: Awake. Awake now. The time for sleeping has past. I am not calling you into labor, but into rest in me. (Hebrews 4) You have been resting in the ways of this world, slumbering through this life. You forget that it was I that made you and it will be I that calls you to account for your life lived. (Romans 14:12)

I am raising up an exceedingly great army. (Ezekiel 37:10) Will you enlist? For I have already drafted you, grafted you in through my son. You have been called so stop waiting for the invitation. Your orders have already gone out, yet you refuse to step forward when your name is called.

Come to me. Stand where I place you. I have created the perfect post for you, matched uniquely to you, my perfect creation. I don’t think like you. You see a need and then you try to meet it – attempting to fit yourself to that need. I created you to perfectly fit the need, fitting it to you, not you to it. (Romans 8:28-29) I do not see what you see. But I invite you to come up to where I am so that you can see what I see. (Ephesians 2:6)

Close your eyes. Breathe me in. See with your heart all that I have placed within you.

The war is already being waged in the heavenlies. It must come to this earth and it will play out according to my purposes. (Revelation 12:7-8) I will use it to displace my children living in foreign lands who have forgotten their heritage, their blood line in me. You see, Satan knows what is coming, so he caused a move of his children into the lands where my children live. (Think mass Syrian refugee crisis going on right now.) This was a dark and tainted move caused to bring confusion and disorder. The move of the Almighty army is coming, and like Satan, I will also use war, to unseat my sons and daughters who have become lazy and backslidden.

You have married the enemy but I will cause the flesh to tare. (Deuteronomy 7:3) I will have my children back. Every one. I stir in your blood even now. I created a deep place inside of you that sits empty, but it stirs at my word. It stirs at the presence of Holy Spirit. It can only be filled, satisfied by me alone.

Over and over again my prophets have proclaimed this time. (Jeremiah 4, 30 and 31, Zechariah 7 and 8, Isaiah 13, 21, 54, and 66, Micah 4 and 5)

My word speaks of it so why are you surprised that I would call you home. What was will be again. There is nothing new under the sun! What I have done I will do again. I led my people out of Egypt into the Promised Land (Book of Exodus) and I will lead my lost children, Israel out of their place of captivity in Babylon. (A remembering of the ten plagues that were used by God against Pharoah so that he would let God’s people go. In the same way, the Book of Revelation speaks of the judgments that will come against those that hold captive the children of God.)

War is coming. The drums of war are beating. Will you come now, or will you wait to be ravaged? One way or the other, you will come out.

The enemy has told a lie. He has divided my children, Judah and Israel. He has caused a deep disillusion to fall on my children. See, I have one family. I will join them back together. (Ezekiel 37:15-28). I have 12 sons, not two or three. (God the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – renamed Israel who had 12 sons). Do not think that I would forget about Joseph – Ephraim and Manasseh. They have not been lost to me and I will call each one home to me.

(There is significant historical and geographical evidence that shows that the ten northern tribes, after the time of David and Solomon around 900BC, were driven out of the land God had given to them after their disobedience by the Assyrians and Babylonians, and settled in the land that is now Europe to the north, and other lands to the east and west. The Lord led me to study this. Specifically, I believe God has shown me that Americans are descendants of Joseph, either through Ephraim or Manasseh. See the Biblical account in Chronicals and Kings. The southern tribes became known as Jews made up of the tribe of Judah, Benjamin, and some Levites. All twelve tribes make up the true body of Israel. Today, most people think of just the Jews (Tribe of Judah) as the Israelites but this is not truth. All Jews are Israelites but not all Israelites are Jews. When God speaks of His children, He is talking to all 12 tribes. This is critical to understand.)

Ask me and I will tell you, even now. Ask me if you are a son or daughter? I will speak truth into your heart. If my blood flows in your veins, I will cause you to feel it. The inheritance is yours to claim.

(Be assured that God can graft anyone in to His body. It is not beyond His capacity to even change our blood! When the Israelites fled Egypt under God’s direction through Moses, many peoples of all kinds of ethnicities came along and were considered Israelites. This is not about skin color or any outward sign. This is about the heart inside of each of us that only God can see.)

A king and his family have no power in another land. You live in the land of your enemies now. Why are you surprised that you have no power or authority? Come back to me, to the land I have given you and you again will receive your birthright. Just as the prodigal son did. (Luke 15:11-32) Though you have sinned in every way, spitting on the holiness and righteousness of my son, I will receive you even now. Turn and come back to me.

I will reveal a great mystery to you this day: before you see Jesus come on the clouds (Matthew 24:30), He will come first to dwell in the temple He bought and paid for on the cross. Yes, He will come in the fullness as He promised. He will co-habit every son and daughter (His temple) who have made themselves ready. (1 Corinthians 3:16, 1 Corinthians 6:19, 2 Corinthians 6:16). Like the 5 virgins who have made their lamps ready (Matthew 25), He will come and indwell them. This will happen very soon. Have you made yourself ready?

The signs in the heavens proclaim the times we are living in. (I believe He is pointing to the August 21st – solar eclipse across the whole United States, and Sept. 23rd sign of Revelation 12.)

I am a good, good father to reveal my plans to my children who walk in light. Do you walk in light, or have you allowed dim places to continue to thrive? (1 Thess. 5:1-6). Like the leaven, sin must be fully swept away from your life, so that Jesus can take up residence. (1 Corinthians 5:7). He comes to a Holy and blameless generation, not by what you have done, but by what He has done. But the choice is yours. Will you let Him come and have his way in this hour?

The latter rain is coming in the first month (Joel 2:23). Will you be ready? Ask me to burn away all unrighteousness in your life now, in this moment. Ask me to show you any sin that remains, that you may repent. Turn away from this world and turn into my loving arms.

My kingdom is coming. My will be done. The times will reach their fulfillment soon. (Ephesians 1:9-10). Are you ready? Ask me and I will show you your post. Ask me if I would have you leave this land to return home. (Revelation 18:4) Ask me and I will lead you. Live not in the valley of decision any longer for soon it will flood and you will be washed away by the torrents. (Joel 3:14)

Children, come to me, for my kingdom is at hand. (Mark 1:15)