The Coming Latter Rain


11.19.16 A Word from the Lord Jesus


As I was laying in bed reading around 8pm last night, something caught the corner of my eye to the right. I looked to the door way that leads to the hall way and had an impression in the spirit of a large angel who had decended to stand there. Then I felt like I saw him in my spirit come into the room and stand in the corner by the door. He continues to stand there. I asked the Lord if I was seeing an angel and I heard yes.

This is what I then heard from the Lord Jesus:
Do not grow weary. I am here. I love you. Don’t strive. Give up and rest. I am here to bring you good news as there is great joy in heaven of what is to come. A release is coming unlike anything that has ever come to the earth in any generation. The latter rain is coming and there will be such a deluge for an extended period of time that God’s children will begin to change. A new normal will set in. What once was hard will now be easy. What once brought stress will bring joy. It’s like the internal wiring will change in those who have prepared, in those who have laid down their lives to follow me. I am coming. I am coming back to live and you must proclaim my return. This is BIG. This is true and this is the most important news anyone in this generation can hear write now. I am coming, but before I do, there are so many things that must be remade. You know this as I’ve spoken of this before.

The scheming of the enemy must be brought to light. My children must be given an opportunity to see the deception for themselves. Then, they can choose who they will follow. Every person has a choice to make, when all is brought out in the open. Will you choose light or continued darkness?

Satan is very busy stirring up chaos and disorder. I will bring him out into the open and expose him for who he is – a liar, and a thief, and a murderer. He has successfully used his own pride and lust for vengeful acts to lead so many astray. His days are numbered. Only my Father in heaven knows the number but I can tell you it is short. Time is so very short.

Soon you are going to see a city, once the “apple of my eye” fall. (I felt like the reference to the Apple referred to the Big Apple, New York City). There will be utter destruction and many will cry out. I long for them to cry out to me and turn to me. You must tell them that I am the same I am that created the heavens and the earth. I am the same I am that knit them together in their mother’s womb. I am that I am. I never cease to call out to my children. I know them by name, each and every one, but so many do not know my name. Yeshua, Jesus. The Messiah. The King above all Kings. The Lord and giver of life. The truth is that they are my treasure. There was nothing in heaven or earth that did not belong first to me. Satan desires them to be taken from me, snatched from my loving embrace. My love is relentless and my mercy is without end, but there is coming an end to all things on this earth as the days draw to a close. The one gift I cannot give is more time.

The deception runs deep. Where can you trust? You cannot trust any man to speak my truth so stop looking to man, any man, to be your savior, apart from me. No politician, no doctor, no lawyer, no landlord, no mortician has the answers or even knows the true problem. Sin. Sin is the only problem to solve for, and I already did that 2000 years ago. Look to my gospel and see the work that I did recorded for you. It is not difficult to comprehend. It is all laid out in black and white for you to see. We, my Father, Holy Spirit and Word, chose you before the foundations of the earth. We chose you for relationship. Of course life feels hollow without me. You were meant to walk with me all the days of your life. You were meant to commune with me, to sup with me, to rest with me.

Depression, Anxiety, over-eating, shopping, and on and on… all of these things are symptoms to a greater cause. Lack of me in your life causes every part of your life to be off-center because I am to be in your core. I am the anchor fo your soul. Do you not see? Do you not hear? Do you not feel? I am never apart from you, but it is your choice to experience me. You have been conditioned for self-reliance, but self-reliance is a lie. You can only truly live relying upon me for EVERYTHING. My word shouts the truth that it is I that provides for the birds of the air, the fish of the sea, the flowers and the grass. How much more will I provide for you, my chosen son or daughter.

So, choose to walk with me. Right now, close your eyes, and see that it is I, the God of the universe, that takes your hand, and holds your heart. It is in my embrace that you will find true peace.

Deception. Everywhere you look. Your media is a den of thieves, a den of liars. Your leaders lie and cheat to maintain or grow their power. Your educators twist truth so that it is no longer truth, and children’s heads are filled with rubbish. Stop sending your kids to school just to be filled up with manipulated facts and twisted rules. Instead, hold them to your hearts and breathe new life into them. The youngest generation are being so badly abused by the system of education that exists today in this nation. The rulers desire robots and minions, soulless, empty, broken children without true hope. If I was to allow the current education system to go on, we would see in the next twenty years suicide rates that would quadruple.  (The Lord commonly speaks to me about education because It is the work He has called me to,)

Seek me first. You know not to go your own way. Seek me at the start of each day for your marching orders and I will be faithful to lay out your day. I will bless your days and cause them to be wildly successful, unlike anything you could do on your own.  I will bless you and keep you.  I will make my face to shine upon you and give you peace!


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