The High Places Will All Be Shaken

8.28.16 – A word and closed vision


The Lord woke me up around 4am speaking to me.  I was laying in bed not fully awake and I heard Him speak about an earthquake that was “to go off Saturday”.  I asked Him if He meant this coming Saturday, Sept. 3rd.  I did not hear Him answer so I am not certain but felt like it was for the US and would be significant, not the 1-3 magnitude that are more normal. In the past, the Lord has spoken to me of only two earthquake zones, the New Madrid and the ones on the west coast in California. I feel it more likely refers to California.  (Last year I heard a word about an earthquake that would strike in October south of Santa Barbara.  It would be caused by man made activities in the ground.  It didn’t occur in October 2015, but I will continue to watch for it this October and subsequent.  I’ve also seen in a closed vision destruction coming to the Golden Gate Bridge through an earthquake and subsequent implosion of the pilings.)

“Speak to the Nations.  Warn them that the times have now reached their fulfillment.  I am calling out to my children with a clarion call to come to me now.  Come and rest under my shadow, under my wing, and I will protect you from all that is about to befall the earth.”

(Clarion Call – a strongly expressed demand or request for action.)

“You will shake your head in disbelief for the things coming upon the earth and coming upon this evil generation.  Lucifer, the false light, is nearing the end of his reign.  It is time for every false religion, doctrine, and idol to fall.

I’m combing this earth, this once beautiful earth, a place rivaling my own beauty – searching for those who call on my name.  Let your light shine for me to see, for all to see.  Let your light shine as it was intended.  Cast off shame and doubt and fear – the devil’s playground!  Seek my face and you will find it.  Keep your gaze on me and I will lead you beside still waters.  Though the rivers will rage, though the mountains will crumble into the sea – I am.  I am here.  I am love.  I am the one true light of the world.  Do not be dismayed.  All these things must happen that scripture be fulfilled.

Look to the east for a storm is brewing in the ocean that will come ashore and forever change the landscape of all that it touches.”

(As of today, there are several storms off the east coast and some already in the gulf and hitting the southern states.  This word says “a storm is brewing” so this tells me that the storm isn’t fully formed yet but the conditions for it exist and perhaps it is developing and growing.)

“Look to the west and watch it burn.  Watch it shake.  Watch the idols fall.

See under your feet (central part of country) there is coming devastation to your crops.

Look to the south.  An army of vipers comes up and is just over the horizon.  The wield wicked weapons with which to harm women and children.

Look to the north.  This too shall crumble under the weight of the sin of this nation, America, once America The Beautiful, now America the whore – a putrid smell goes forth.”

I then had a closed vision of sheep coming down from the mountains.  They were coming down at a pretty quick pace and there seemed to be thousands.  I could see their fluffy white coats and dark snouts.  There was order to the movement, directed by the shepherd who was among them.  Somehow as He moved, they moved.  What would be treacherous in the natural for a man to be in the middle of a herd traveling quickly down a mountain was made to look easy, with Jesus as the shepherd.

I asked Holy Spirit what I was seeing.  I heard “All of God’s children must come down from the high places because the high places will all be shaken and will fall.”

I believe the word Holy Spirit gave is a general word and a specific word.  It is general because we know in the days, months, and years ahead everything made by man will be shaken so that the kingdom of this world can fall and The Kingdom of the Lord can come.

I feel this is a specific word of high places shaking and falling related to the first warning I heard God speak about an earthquake that will go off Saturday.  We could expect to see mountains, as high places, shake like they did last week in Italy when a large earthquake hit and destroyed a small city.  Another large earthquake hit in Myanmar on August 24th and caused ancient pagan temples to fall, another form of “high places”.  High places are anything that we, as God’s creation, place above God.  The Lord included a warning that the west would shake and its idols would fall, which is another indicator of what to watch for.

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