Jesus Desiring to Pull Us to Safety

8.16.16 – A word from Jesus



See that which is before you, a true path made with upright stones, each formed perfectly to fit one next to each other, In beauty and in strength, forged in the heat of the fire. Black and marred from the heat and the pressure but made beautiful in my eyes, transformed into my bride. The wedding party readies herself with much preparation. The heavens await in bated anticipation of the celebration that is to come, less than a generation to pass. See, look. Gaze upon my beauty and you will see her beauty. She is being transformed into my image (2 Corinthians 3:18) – an image that reflects the love, the kindness, the goodness that I Am. I will accept nothing less.

My spirit is being poured out without measure (John 3, Acts 2). The greatness of the power that is accessible to this generation has never been seen before, and never will again. These things you will do are even greater than the demonstration of power my Father gave to me (John 14:12). Now, He gives it to you freely. With His power, comes much responsibility. You must not be like the magician who sought after the power, but had not the heart of the Father (Acts 8). Power comes through love. It comes through the breath of The Father in your lungs. (A lesson) The gifts are poured out freely without justification, but His power is not the same. Power comes only to the righteous. Elijah was given and released The Father’s power from a place of meekness and humbleness. He carries my Father’s heart and was loyal to no man. The words that came forth from Elijah’s lips were my Father’s words. The fire that fell came forth from the power given to him according to my Father’s will (1 Kings 18). Seek My Father’s heart and you may walk in The power that only comes from Him. This power cannot be falsely duplicated. All other sorcery will fail against it.

This generation of heathens seeks a sign but no sign will be given, except the power my children, made holy and righteous by my blood, will display – not done so for their own glory, but mine alone. 10,000 will fall at your right hand (Psalm 91), but you will not fall. My ways are not your ways so do not presume to understand how this could be. Presume nothing but seek me with all your heart and I will teach you my precepts just as I did David (Psalm119). Meditate on my laws and decrees. Take them into yourself that you would be remade, having died fully to self, you would live again as my vessels poured out for the sake of your brethren, my children.

I cannot stand for those that call themselves mothers and fathers today. They are so much less than the intent of their creator. I spit in disgust at the broken hearted children left to fend for themselves in this world of decay and debauchery. Nearly every father given over to lustful pursuits while every mother wastes away in selfish and prideful acts with deception in her heart. I will take away the lives of these so-called mothers and fathers and reclaim their children as my own. Be ready for the greatest anointing of motherhood and fatherhood to fall, as those who gave birth are taken away, and MY mothers and fathers are set in their place. I will put an end to the orphan spirit in this generation. Just watch and see what I will do. Parents – get your house in order now before it is too late. Time is very short. The blessing of my children will be taken from you, or will be multiplied upon your house. The choice is yours.

Stand up Saints, my remnant church, my true body. Harken to my call. Stop and listen to all that I desire to speak to your heart. You are not of this world (John 18:36) yet you blend in far too well. The time for hiding has ended. You must either step forward to be counted worthy, or seal your fate with every other luke warm, back slidden brother and sister. My patience has run out. I am done settling for the stained bride sullied by the decay of rotting flesh. Choose for your flesh to die today (Colossians 3:3), or spend eternity experiencing the torment of your flesh burning off your bones. The choice is yours as it always has been from the very first day in the garden.

What must my Father do to get your attention? Earthquake, famine, pestilence? Take your pick, or choose all three. This is what is coming. Stay where you are standing in the muck of quick sand you are stuck in, or take my hand and let me lead you to safety. Which will it be?

I am calling to you today. Will you turn and come to me, or will you be unmoved by my urgent but loving plea?

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