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Lady Liberty cut in two

May 25th, 2016


I dreamt that I was sleeping in my bed and dreaming when I was awakened by an open vision that began as a television cartoon being played on my bedroom wall like a projector. Eventually the black and white cartoon characters faded away like a broadcast coming into focus. I saw a parade of blue military tanks going down the road. I knew that I was facing north and so the tanks were moving in front of me from right to left. In other words, they were traveling from east to west. After seeing the tanks I saw scenes of chaos and violence between people.

Then I saw a hospital scene where a young lady had lost her face. Her face was in a metal tray. I watched and realized that her body had been separated in pieces so that her upper torso and arms was attached to her head, but her face was gone. With her arms and hands, she covered the place where her face would have been as if in embaressment. I watched as the nurses began to move her various pieces in preparation for surgery. I thought to myself – how would they ever put her back together. On the bed where the lower half of her body lay, there was a fake head or “bust” of a plaster head laying as if they were somehow keeping a placeholder for the head to be reattached. None of this was gross while in the dream but it did seem very strange and disturbing to me. End of dream

Father God, was this dream from you? Please give me understanding.

I heard Jesus share this:

“This dream is from my Father. He desires to show you the current state of America. The dream should be interpreted in reverse order. What is to come will result in America “losing face”. She will face much mockery. She will be cut into two pieces. There will be those that will want to try to put her back together again but it will not be possible. She will be irrevocably torn in two.

After this happens, chaos will ensue. America will be desimated by her enemies and conquered.

America, in its current form, will be remembered no more and will fade away from the pages of history. What once was, and now is, shall be no more.”

I believe that the young lady that I saw represents “Lady Liberty”. The country we once knew and which was once known by the world to be all-powerful and honorable as one nation under God is now being made into a mockery by our own sin and rebellion.

The face that was removed represents the reality that the face of America has changed. We are no longer a nations of Christians who uphold basic Biblical values. The “face” of America now looks like satanic worship, Muslim extremism, and LGBT rhetoric. ¬†We’ve become a people completely given over to sin.

I feel that the “cutting into two” of her body can be thought of both metaphoricaly/spiritually and physically. We are seeing our country divided today over the election between Hillary and Trump. To much of the external world, our current political process has already made us a laughing stock. We are seeing unprecedented riotting associated with the pre-election rallies. The election is a polarizing topic to young and old alike. Even to people within our country, there are many of us who are completely ashamed of what our country has become with The One True God removed from every facet of societal living, and those looking for a “savior” from the likes of Hillary or Trump, instead of through Jesus.

We know from many prophetic voices that an escalation of violence leading to marshal law is to come. I believe there are people including our own leaders who want to see us destroy ourselves, and like sheep to the slaughter many seem happy to oblige.

I believe the portion of the dream where the “fake or false head” is laying above the lower torso points to a false leader that will be set in place for a time as our President, though he/she will never truly lead our country since it won’t be possible to put it back together again. That false leader will just be a puppet controlled ultimately through the antichrist.

Physically, there are many prophets who have seen in dreams or visions the splitting of America in two along the New Madrid fault line, perhaps following our involvement in dividing Israel. I do not know if this will happen at the same time as the spiritual division but there was a finality in the vision of the lady not being able to be put back together. In every way, she was broken apart.

There are many of us who pray that America would be restored, again one nation in unity, under God, but I believe that hope is no longer possible because God has declared that (redemptive) judgment must come upon our wicked nation. A people divided against itself will fail. As in the dream, a body once cut into two can’t be put back together again.

I did not see a logo on the tanks, but I believe the blue military tanks that I saw belonged to the United Nations. Even while in the dream, I thought about the UN when I saw the tanks. (Upon awaking, I looked up the UN and the tanks matched the blue shade of the UN flag.). As a people we are being divided like the wheat from the tares. Our own federal government may even welcome the UN military forces into our country under false pretenses of re-establishing order. Where they say peace and safety, beware!

I heard Jesus speak to me that “America will be desimated by her enemies and conquered.” I believe that some time after UN involvement and marshal law, our country will be attacked by foreign troops. Other prophetic voices have seen attacks on American soil by China and Russia. I believe we will see this occur, and America will cease to exist as one nation, and as Jesus said, America as she was will be remembered no more.

Judgment First, then Redemption

I received this dream on April 20th, 2016 and now feel released to share it. I believe it reveals our current fallen nature, the judgment and tribulation that is coming on both non-believers and believers alike, and how He will protect believers and use us to bring others to Himself during this time.

(In this dream I was experiencing what was going on myself and having thoughts during the dream that registered in my consciousness. In normal, less significant dreams I am usually watching something happen but not really experiencing it, and definitely not thinking about what is happening – not so in this dream. I also don’t remember my average dreams very well as they dissapate quickly as I am waking up. This dream is still crystal clear to me many days later.)

The Dream –
I’m with a friend at a mall type area wanting to pick up her car. She had parked her car in a garage for 4 days. There were two areas she could have parked in. She mistakenly parked in the quick park at $38/day. She tried to talk to the parking attendant to sweet talk him into cutting her a break but he wouldn’t. We then went up to get the car. She tried to go up the down escalator and wasn’t making very quick progress. I chose to go a different way, looking for an up route. I found one and knew that I went to level 5.

Then the scene changed and all of a sudden there was a storm outside and I was seeing through a very big glass window. I could see tornadoes forming very quickly and I counted 10 drop down from the sky one by one before I started running to try to find a route down to underground. I tried to call my husband and think I got through for a moment to tell him I was at a store. Then I was facing a particular store front that had many leather coats and coats with fur in it. I tried to hide in a small janitor closet or bathroom. There was no lock. I became afraid of others coming in because they were becoming violent. Someone forced the door open and I escaped out. Then I was crouching facing the outside but still inside the mall but next to the down escalator. I felt like someone was with me. I saw my sister run outside to what looked like a limo waiting for her. I called after and followed her outside. She saw me for a moment but kept running. The car was pulling away and she wasn’t making it to the car. Then I saw her fall and become covered with what looked like white flakes of snow but we’re actually some kind of tiny bug creature with wings. Then I looked and saw other people being attacked by the same thing. They would just dissolve like being eaten by the small pale creatures.

In the dream it made me think of the plagues of revelations. I knew I needed to try to get home. Me and the presence with me were running. We knew that we were somehow protected against the white stuff and that it couldn’t hurt us. Other people around us started to realize that we were safe from it too and they got mad and wanted to attack us. Two young people tried to follow us. The older girl tried to cast a spell but I said “stop In the name of Jesus” and she was powerless to hurt us.

Then a young blond man was guiding us into a house of a friend of his. I felt like we could trust him. He found a key on the trellace. Inside me and the presence with me followed him, but so did the girl and younger boy that were earlier chasing us, but now they were just looking for help. A woman, whom I guessed was the wife of the blond man, was in the kitchen making pasta, and others were gathered in the dining room ready to eat a meal. My youngest son was there and I gave him a big hug. Then I asked the young boy who had wanted to attack us earlier to come and hug me. I gave him a big hug to love on him as if he were my own. I knew that we were going to turn the two of them to the Lord. End dream

Dream Interpretation – in 3 parts

Part 1 – My friend represents the majority of Christians who are unaware of what is coming and the times we are living in. She was trying to get out of paying the fee which speaks of the spirit of Jezebel running rampant operating in manipulation and control. The parking attendant represents how so many are lacking direction in their lives. The number 38 represents the number of slavery as so many remain in bondage to sin, choosing to continue to live in sin with hardened hearts. The number 4 from the four days stands for the Gospel being preached to the whole world. The Gospel is the work of Christ to set us free from sin. Going up the down elevator represents the wasted energy and time spent in spiritless activities going after the appearance of church without the surrendered life that each of us truly needs to be in relationship with Christ Jesus. I chose to find a different route and believe that that denotes our choice as disciples of Christ to live in God’s will and seek after Him. I knew that I was on floor 5 which I believe speaks of receiving and living in God’s grace.

Part 2 – The storm forming and becoming very strong so quickly indicates what we can expect to experience in the coming months and years ahead. The ten tornadoes forming in rapid succession dropping down out of the sky represents a work of restoration through judgments that are coming, perhaps 10 in number. Without the redemptive judgments of God, the old cannot pass away so the new can come. What will look like death and violent destruction to the unbeliever will be known as fulfillment of prophecy to the body of Christ as Jesus leads us through a time of great spiritual warfare, with the end already known to lead to victory.

The leather and fur coats that I saw speak of the spirituals gifts that are being released in the true body of Christ. Leather represents mantles, an anointing, and a covering as in the new wine skin! Fur represents wisdom, safety, and a great inheritance. The Lord has a purpose for releasing these gifts. Of course He is a good Father and wants to give good gifts, but beyond that, He chooses to work through us to bring His kingdom to this earth. He has not left us powerless, but instead has given us the Holy Spirit and access to the gifts of the Spirit. The more that we surrender our own will in our flesh, to be born again in Spirit, the more we are transformed into the temples God intended us to be, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

In the dream I hid and became fearful but we have nothing to fear in the flesh if we are being led in the spirit. We don’t need to hide ourselves away. There was no lock in the door which I believe indicates that it is pointless to try to protect ourselves. Instead we need to rest under the wing of the almighty and go where He leads. (Psalm 91)

Part 3 – In the next part of the dream, I was crouching by the steps and now there was another presence with me. I believe this was an angelic presence. I watched my sister running to get outside towards the limo. Even though I called after her, she kept running. As an unbeliever, she is running from safety in the Lord and His call on her life, to the illusion of safety in things of this world. She chooses to ignore the warnings that have been shared.

Outside, the limo (pride and vanity) couldn’t help her and inevitably, she was attacked by creatures out of Revelations. The tiny creatures were white because they were released by the Lord for His purposes. They were not evil, but they were sent to destroy evil. I had an understanding even while still in the dream that I was seeing something supernatural occur. There was a finality to it, that for those who were separated from God at this time would face judgment, some would escape but many would die and face eternity in hell.

I felt like the rest of the dream was showing what it will be like in the years ahead as we, as believers, live though tribulation. We will be supernaturally protected from the powers of evil, banding together being led to safety by the Lord, but we will also be targets of unbelievers who have not chosen the Lord. We will continue to be used by God to shine His light to the lost. Jesus’ name protected us from the curse the young girl yelled. She saw the power in His name. It will be both His supernatural display of power, and the love that we share (me hugging the little boy as if he was my own), that will turn them to Christ even in the very last days.

The key that the man who was leading us found represents keys to The Kingdom, and the authority we are given as true believers to bind or loose on earth according to God’s will. The prepared meal and table speaks of our provision during these times coming from the Lord, and that though times will be very hard we will continue to enjoy fellowship as the body of Christ.

(I used the book “A-Z Dream Symbology Dictionary” by Dr. Barbie Breathitt for many elements of the dream interpretation. I would highly recommend this book to others.)

I asked the Lord about this dream and here is what I heard:

“Wake up children! Wake up! I am at the door knocking and my children are fast asleep! My love for you is great. I’ve held judgment at bay for a time, but I cannot hold it much longer. My heart is that you would turn from your wicked ways and come to me. Repent, accept my love for you through my son Jesus, and enter my kingdom.

Do not be fooled by the trickery of the serpent. He is deaf and dumb. He only holds the power over you that you give to him. Take it back and be free! Be free to follow me, your creator and friend.

I do not desire that even one of my little ones should perish. Arise Bride, even from the ashes you WILL arise to meet my son in the clouds as He descends from on high to claim what is rightfully His, what is rightfully mine.

You wonder what you can do in these times of waiting… You feel the birth pains but feel helpless to do anything. What does any good Husband and Father-to-be do? He holds his bride’s hand and looks into her eyes and helps her to breathe. Do this with those around you. Be a comforter. Be an Intercessor. Give your love freely and hold nothing back, for I have held nothing back from you. I have spoken truth even down into your soul. Hear it and obey!”