Your Country Will Burn

May 10 2015 – A word from the Lord

I prayed this prayer, “Father, I humbly ask for your direct revelation to me about covenant.”

Then I heard Him say, “I want your first fruits. I want your full and complete dependency upon me.  I want your heart, all of it.  Toil is not from me.  Rest is from me.  I want you to know my heart, that I long to walk with you and each of my children.  I did not create you for works, but for relationship.”

Then He sent me to the following two scriptures:

But food does not bring us near to God; we are no worse if we do not eat, and no better if we do. (1 Corinthians 8:8 NIV)

I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things? (John 3:12 NIV)

Then I heard, “The covenant I make with you is for this generation and all generations.  I am your God and you are My people.  It has always been so.  I bring to you peace and hope.  Satan brings death and destruction. His time is almost up.  The clock nears the midnight hour.  I will show you many things.  It is good to seek me.  It is good to want to tell others.

The children will come to you, many parentless.  They will be despised by this world for My sake.  But I will give them shelter.  I will show you how to train them up to fight for (the souls of) this world.


Your country will burn. Your country will fall.  Your country will be left desolate, but My remnant will be safe in My arms.  My remnant will be given the power to travel the world offering healing in My name.  My children will speak of salvation like never before and it will be like honey to the tongue.  It will be like a soft breeze to the hot laborer.

I place a distance between Myself and the prideful.  I seek the humble and the gentle.  There are so many children that I desire to commune with daily.  I created them for a purpose.  This is no small thing.

In their very core is my fingerprint… a part of me so pure and so holy that grown men will weep and cry out in their presence as my spirit is manifested.

But we stand at this time, divided only by a thin veil, where one can see and nearly touch heaven.  The time is fast approaching when My Son shall ride on a cloud of glory to this earth when every person shall see His beauty and gaze upon his countenance, the perfect sacrifice, the perfect peace, the perfect representation of My love for My people.

Before this time, death and destruction must come, the wheat must be separated from the tares.  I carefully comb the earth looking for those who call out to Me, who long to be held by My embrace, who see that I’ve created them for something more.  I Will Rescue My people and I will reign victorious with them for eternity.

Though the times to come are perilous, I make a way.  I have blessed you by boiling out the sores that festered just under your skin.  I make you new.  If you are not made new, you cannot taste of the goodness I have for you, or touch of the softness, or hear the lovely notes that flutter in the air to delight your ears.  In time, I will make all things new, but for now, only a portion experience these gifts I have to offer.

I know that it has felt like pain and anguish to be overwhelmed by the responsibility of the vision I’ve given you.  I come to you to proclaim that there is an easier way, and you know this to be true.  I give you rest when you allow me to.  Every heartbeat is a chance to rest in me.

I will unlock a mystery to you.  The blood that travels through your veins not only carries oxygen to feed your body, but it carries life itself.  This life originated with me.  So My very life races through you and every soul with every beat of every heart.  In My first covenant, My people made sacrifices to Me as a display of their reverence and honor to Me as their creator and provider.  Jesus poured out his own blood, My blood, as an atoning sacrifice in the new covenant.  I was His father in double portion because He did not have an earthly father.  His mother carried My blood and when the Holy Spirit came upon her, her womb received another measure of My blood, just as Adam first received My blood.

The covenant I make with you is in My blood.  It has stood from the first mark of time and it will stand until the last.  You are My people, quite literally, and I am your God.

I call My children back to me.  I have shown you that I created the end from the beginning.  In this there shall be no surprise or distinction that what I have commanded shall come to pass.  My people will come out of Babylon and it shall fall.  This does not mean that you are to leave physically.  I call you out of Babylon’s system.  You will leave it commercially and politically.  You will even leave it spiritually.

You must die to live.  You must surrender to be free.  You must love to be loved.  You must forgive to be forgiven.  You must teach to be taught.  You must cry to be comforted.  You must nurture to be nurtured.  You must rest to have the energy to carry out your purposes in me.  Time is running short.  You must spend more time with me and less time in things of this world.  My plans for you are secure.  Walk with me that I may reveal all these things to you.  You ask what your identity is in Me.  You are My bride.  You are My first love.  You carry My heart with you.  You are no longer to hide it away but instead put it on display for all to see.

Supporting Scriptures:

So Moses took the blood and sprinkled it on the people, and said, “Behold the blood of the covenant, which the Lord has made with you in accordance with all these words.” (Exodus 24:8)

For this is My blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for forgiveness of sins. (Matthew 26:28)

Saying, “ This is the blood of the covenant which God commanded you.” (Hebrews 9:20)

And they sang a new song, saying, “Worthy are You to take the book and to break its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. (Revelation 5:9)

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