Sheep Separated from the Goats

A word from the Lord on July 13 2015:


“My word is this: The cry goes out to each child of God, to those I sealed at the beginning of time. The bell tolls and your ears burn with the sensation of the tingling. I am making you new so that you may go forth and do the work I’ve ordained for you at this time in this season. Worry not, fear not for in all things My work is good. The hedge of protection is already in place. I have raised up strong and mighty towers of peace so that when the winds of perversion and terror blow down every high place, My people, those that turn their hearts to me and hear My voice, will be able to see in the distance the place of safety, the place their God chooses to dwell amongst His people.”

“Mighty warriors, make your armor ready. Sharpen your swords, polish your helmet, don your vest and take your place in the cavalry. I will send forth flag-bearers before you to signal the start. The drums will beat to time so that all are synchronized. Orders will be sent out so crystal clearly that there will be not one of My soldiers out of step. My watchmen have done their job well. The strategy of the enemy is known and has been sifted. My people know every weakness and every scheme. There will be no surprise in what he does.”

“But for My people, My mighty army, wait for the many precious surprises I have for you. You are far from powerless. My creativity is second to none. You will be even delighted by the ways that I move, by the powers you have at your disposal for great victory in every battle. Have I not shown you that in me, you are not limited by space and time and dimension? Have I not shown you that the words you speak will carry such power as to strike fear into the heart of every man who does not worship at My feet? Have I not shown you that My banner is one that covers all? (Rainbows, no. My disgust over this present age is great.)”

“My banner is made of the most brilliant of colors that even the rainbow, now an image of disdain, pales in comparison to the brilliance of the show in the sky that will appear as My will is done on this earth, as it is in heaven. Have I not shown you that though the earth will shake even off its axis, that My people will be held solid in the palm of My hand? Darkness has come upon this earth and it will get darker day by day. The lost will wander about in confusion but My children will walk upright and straight as I light their every step. My light comes forth from the kingdom that I’ve set inside of you. You shall manifest it to such a degree that My full kingdom in all its glory has nothing left to do but to be released as the old passes away and the new Jerusalem shines forth. It will be the most beautiful thing any eye has seen.”

“But before it comes, death and destruction and peril must be felt on this earth and in this nation. Every falsehood that has been accepted must be revealed. Every lie satan has conveyed throughout the ages must be shown as false, until every heart left on this earth knows the truth in their heart, that I am their God, that I am the only God, that they are My creation put on this earth for relationship with me.”

Preparing for the Days Ahead:

“My bride must ready herself. She must be so consumed in her love for me that even as everything falls around her, she hardly notices, except to share her testimony of her heart for her groom, for what he has done in her life, and for the eternal life that is hers.”

“How does one ready themselves for the coming wedding feast? I call every child to humble himself and lay down his life so that I may give him a new one. I cry out to each heart that the plans I have for each person are so much greater than any plan they have comprised for themselves. One can only imagine from their own circumstances and imagination. They are bound by this earth, but I have NO BOUNDS for you. My desire for each of My children is to bless them with every good thing. Just as a parent, My frustration comes when My children are stubborn and insist upon their own way. They leave all of My blessings sitting out in the cold rain when they close their ears to the breath of My spirit. So open your ears. Stop and rest so that you may hear My voice. Rest so that I can revive you to give you the energy you will need for the day of preparation at hand.” (I then saw a picture of the business of an actual wedding day)

“I call to a bride that is pure of heart. Purification comes through My word and My spirit and through My son. When every sin is laid down and covered by his divine sacrifice, you are made pure. When you invite me into your heart, I can robe you in righteousness so that you may sit in heavenly places. My word is truth. Purification comes when you hear My word and take it in, when you let it guide every decision for yourselves and for those you love. The bride of Christ has no place for hard-heartedness.”

“You are forgiven only as you forgive. How can I look upon you when you hold a blemish in your heart? Every unforgiven hurt is a blemish that gets in the way. I look upon you from your mother’s womb and see every detail of your life, and every choice that brings you closer or further from me. Every moment is an opportunity to be renewed. There is truly no distance from me since I am in you always. Yet, you picture this void to exist. This chasm is a lie and l desire every heart to know the truth, the only truth that I am in you, and you are in me, and that there is no separation except through thought. Do not let thoughts get in the way. Do not allow flesh to get in the way. My bride is pure, and holy. She has been washed white as snow in the blood of the lamb. She is humble and ready to serve me. Her heart is open and without blemish. She is the picture of radiance as her beauty shines forth in the forgiveness she extends to anyone. Truth is the only thing on her lips as she speaks forth with grace and kindness.”

“This is the time when the sheep are separated from the goats. Which one will you be My people? Will you walk with me into eternity, or will you run from me now, and beg at My heels later when it is too late. The gates of hell are open, wide open. Time is so short.”

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