Calamity of Governments, Nature, Economics

My heart is so heavy for that which is coming upon our nation and the world. I want to share a word the Lord gave to me and released me to share.

Red On Stage Theater Drapes

On November 1st I heard this:

“There is an event just in front of you that will change the direction of your nation for eternity.  It is time for America to experience the wrath of the one true God.  Every drunkard must sober up eventually.”

“There are no more curtain calls.  There is to be no more delay.”

“I have spoken and my angels shall be dispatched to the corners of the earth to release the punishment that has been saved for this day.  There shall be much weeping and nashing of teeth.  Mothers will cry out for lost children.  Fathers will crumple with the loss of their sons and daughters.  Families will be ripped apart.  Hearts will fail with fear for the great and terrible day of the Lord.  Many will seek death, but not find it.  Many more will die an inward death no more to experience joy in their day.  All that was once considered gain shall then be loss.”

“Every eye shall shed many tears, but I have prepared my remnant to survive the storm through the power of my word in their ears.”

“There will be three major events that are to come in short succession.  The first will be a calamity of the governments.  Many kings and rulers will fall.  They will face opposition from each other and from their own people.  The next calamity will be of nature.  The earth will toss and turn to and fro.  Mountains will crumble and the water will flow in unnatural ways.  There will be too many bodies to dispose of properly so that they will rot where they fall.  The third calamity will be of economics.  Money will fail.  This is the time for every child to step into all that I have for them.”

“Yes, I am already victorious.  The end is known.  What has not been made known until now is the way that I choose to gain the victory battle by battle.  I made man for my purposes, to express all that I am.  From Adam and Eve, that purpose has been constrained by sin.  My image in all its fullness has not been expressed, but that is about to change.  Before my son lives and reigns on this earth again for one thousand years, I will establish His kingdom, which will usher in His glory.”

“It will be in you, and every child that purifies their heart to receive all that I am, that my kingdom shall come.  You will see the unparalleled glory and magnificence of all that I am displayed in the unity of the body of Christ as the times reach their fullness.”

“The time has come to put on the full armor of God that I have given to you, to walk out into battle with me.  The war will rage around you, but you will rest under the wing of The Almighty.”

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