Awaken This Generation!

This is the word I received on 11.26.15 at 5:45am


Write every word I have to share with the nations.  Good and faithful servants.  I love you. You are mine.  Your place in me is secure.  There will be no falling away in your blood line.  Your children know my name and they call upon me.  I do the work in their hearts to draw them ever closer.  I give you the tools to heal their hearts.  Fear not.  I am protection in this hour.  I am preparedness in this hour.  Peace I call you to.  Rest in me.  Do not labor in vain for there is nothing you must to do be ok.  I do not want to see you scrambling around in vain for things of this world will fall, but you are not in those things and they are not in you.

There is so much that my people hold on to which they think they need, but in reality, I am all you need.  I am the bread and the water, I am the life.  I am the blood that washes all things clean and makes pure that which was contaminated.  Purity is found in me.  Provision is found in me alone.  Protection is found in me alone.  I am here with you and will walk with you through all that is to come.  Though the winds will blow and the ground will shake, I am your mighty fortress.  No scheme formed against you shall stand.  Before I formed the earth, I set the foundation in me.  I am the creator and giver of life, yet man tries to create for himself.  It is an abomination what man has done.  He has polluted the pure things.  He has loosed great evil upon this earth through his actions and that evil has taken hold in the hearts of man.  It’s like a cyclone that whirls about adding debris to its funnel.  The debris path grows and grows and the destruction is as far as the eye can see.  It’s as if living in the funnel has become normal for man.  He can no longer even see or feel the destruction around him.  He sleep walks from one place to another with his eyes only partly open, barely feeling each step.  The enemy’s grasp on him with the many hooks into his flesh is not even noticed.  He just goes where he is led like a goat to slaughter.

Awake my people.  Awake this generation!  I call to you!  Do you hear me?  Do you feel the love that I have for you?  My love is great.  No heart can contain the love I have for my people.  But they settle for the counterfeit.  They settle for the lie of the false one that their creator is far off and only desires to judge from a distance.  This is not truth.  The truth is that I take residence in every heart that welcomes me.  I want nothing more than for every child to feel my presence with every breath.  You were placed on this earth for relationship with me.  I want to be in your first thought and in your first breath in the morning when you arise to experience all the great things I made just for you.  I want to be felt in your hand as you brush your hair.  I want to be felt in your hair as you brush it stroke by stroke.  I want to be felt in your mouth as you gargle mouthwash.  I want to be felt as you stretch your body and put on your clothes for the day.  Do you not see that there is not one moment in your day, or in your night, that I have not intended to experience with me.

And yet, nearly every waking and sleeping moment the people of this earth go about their lives separated from me, as if I am the one who does not exist.  My gentle whisper has gone unnoticed.  What shall I do?  I send my messengers to speak truth but the truth falls to the ground.  I send my pastors to speak truth but what comes from their lips is half-truth at best, and covered in self-service as they build the kingdom of this world instead of my own.  I send my prophets to proclaim the late hour and yet they are mocked and treated with disdain.

So, what shall I do but release the judgment that I’ve been saving?  The work of the cross has already been done.  My son paid the price for all.  But “all” are still lost.  They have become lost in this world of lies and depravity, fulfilling every desire of their flesh, while spitting on the blood of my son who hung from the cross, and whose blood was spilled to save all.

I have grown weary of this generation.  I have removed my hand of protection from this earth, from the whole of it.  Do not be confused.  Satan has not won, but for a time, he will not be held back from all of his evil schemes.  This is his time.  All his evil hoards have been invited by man to come and have their way, and so it shall be.  For those not resting in me, the days ahead will be very dark.  Yes, men’s hearts shall fail from fear of that which has come upon the earth.

But for those children who call upon my name, who turn their ears to me, and who choose to be covered by the blood of the lamb, you will rest safely in me.  I will be your covering.  I count the hairs on your head, I keep you from all evil.  I shall even reveal the schemes of the enemy to you that you would go about the work of my kingdom.  You shall prepare the way of my son’s return.  Yes, He is in you.  Yes, as you surrender to all that I have for you, He will shine in you in greater and greater ways.  I make you new.  You are not of this world and this will become more and more apparent.  My children will walk in power never before seen.  This is not for your glory, lest any man boast.  It is for my glory alone.  You shall proclaim the love that I have for my people as the great revival comes to life ushering in the great harvest that is to come.  My sheep are scattered about this earth in amongst the wolves.  Just as a shepherd must leave his flock to go out to look for the one lost sheep, so I will send you out to redeem the one to me.  One by one, they will return to the heart of the Father, snatched away from the snare of the fowler.  One by one, they will come to me and I will give them rest.  One by one, they will awaken to the truth of who I created them to be in me.  One by one, the enemy will lose his grip on this world, until the last day, when time has run out, and my son returns in all His glory and Honor.  His magnificents shall shine forth on that day when the old will pass away and the new shall arise.

Today, shaking.  Tomorrow, shaking.  Sifting the wheat from the tares.  Who will wake up before it is too late?  I do not wish that one of my children should perish. Come to me.  Hear my voice and turn from your evil ways.  Experience the love I have for you.  My love brings life and makes all things new.  Let go of your own ways.  Believe that I have something better for you, plans to prosper you and bring you peace.  Prosper does not mean in material ways, but in the ways that matter.  To live in me means that I cause fruit to grow that you cannot grow alone.  My fruit is long lasting and it is peace, patience, and goodness.  I cause the rotten fruit to fall to the ground and die, that I might live in and through you.

The old will pass away, and this has begun.  Governments will fall.  Kings and rulers will fall.  The castles and strong holds of the wicked will fall.  Money will fail.  And when it has all fallen, there will be one last mighty attempt by the enemy to prop it back up with a lie, but in the end, that too shall fail.  Then, his reign will be ended, and he shall be locked up for nearly 1000 years as my son brings my kingdom to this earth.  This is the time that is fast approaching.  Yes, you shall see it.  There is to be no more delay.  I have told you before that my angels have been released to the 4 corners of the earth to do the work I have called them to do.  There is no stopping this.  The gate to hell has been opened.  The hoards of hell have freedom to move about this earth under the power of satan.  At the same time, my angels outnumber them and will protect every one of my children, those that call upon my name.

Look, up from the south they come into America.  Look, from the west they come.  Look, from the east they come.  Look, from the north they come.  Do not think for a moment that the harlot America will be spared that which has come upon Europe and other nations.  I’ve spoken that my hand of protection has been removed.  They come upon you like locusts to devour the crops.  Ready yourself.  The attacks will be many and they will last for many days. Your government will fail and flounder and it will be given to the states to fight for the safety of the people.  Neighbor will rise against neighbor as fear grips the nation.  Fear brings forth greater calamity.  It will not be safe to walk the streets or to go to the store.  This will be a time of gathering together for my people.  Be ready for my summoning call.

So much is coming.  There is no preparation that can be made for all of it, except in me.  Earthquakes, asteroids, drought, famine, fires, floods, heat and cold, hailstones, changes in gravity and the poles, volcanoes… Fear not children of the one true God.  Even through the great persecution, I am with you.  I will not leave you or forsake you.  All this must happen that the work may be accomplished, for the times to reach their fullness.

The church as it stands today will fall, but out of the massive ruins will arise a people whose hearts are fully given over to me.  This remnant will make the way for my son’s glorious return.

Awaken this generation, your redemption draws nigh!


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