Vessels To Be Filled

On October 21st, 2014 I heard this word of instruction:


“Dear sweet child.  I love you.  Here I am.  I am always here.  You don’t need to go far to feel me.  I reside within your heart.  I am proud of you.  You are growing.   The growth doesn’t happen in a moment but over moments strung together, you begin to see a different shade appear.  The tapestry changes.  It is more beautiful.  Your ears are learning to hear me.  Trust in what I say.  Trust in my word.  The lack of trust in your own tuition is not a bad thing.  Always test your gut with my word.

The world is mine and everything in it.  I have created everything and desire for each and every child of God to come to me.  I give the time that I give.  You do not know and neither does one other soul on this earth.  My Son knows and his prayers cry out.  The table is set.  The food is prepared.  And yet the bride is unready.  What do I do?  Do I delay forever?  The evil has taken over the good and more of my people are being taken away from me.  I need you to rise up.  Do you think you are doing my will sitting behind that desk 9 hours per day?  Do you think that walking that hallway and going through the routine of commuting is what I desire for you?  When I say the time is short, believe me.  Time is short.  All things will pass away from this earth.  Every soul will stand before me to reckon for what their life has meant.  This includes you.  How do you keep my commandments?  How do you stop for the one?  When will you decide to live life differently?  Will it be before the end comes?

My generosity is second to none.  I pour out to willing vessels.  Be that to me.   Be that which I have made you to be.   Drop your net and follow me.  Do it today.  Choose differently.

You put boundaries around things that don’t exist.  Be free of this world, of it’s clock, and of the expectations that come from the Babylonian system.  I created each soul, even those that belong to Babel.  They choose money over me, and they will spend eternity wrapped in torment.  My children say no.  My children say I am their father and they follow me, even to the ends of the earth.   I call and they hear me.  The truth is that great despair is coming upon the earth.  No man will be able to stand when the very earth shakes.  Every building built by man will crumble.  Only those men that cling to me will be able to get back up.  I will pick them up and they will come into the air with me, to meet my son, to hold his hand to be welcomed into eternity.”

2 thoughts on “Vessels To Be Filled

  1. sharon parks

    Dear Rachel, I love to read the words that you receive from the Lord ..The Lord has words of encouragement and admonition! I sense the Lord in your humble heart, I hope you are able to answer a question I have. I have been uncertain on the understanding of all the church being the bride of Christ ? Those who passed on and found the Lord on their death bed are they in the bride? Or are they a called out people who make them selves ready, die to themselves , and live for the Lord.. The Lord says the bride is not ready…Some say the bride is a select part of the church and I also heard that all the church will be in the bride even the souls that passed on in the last moments of their life then turned to the Lord ? Thank you Rachel…


  2. scrollandfigleaf Post author

    Sharon – Thanks for posting. I can’t say that my answer is any better or more accurate than someone else’s might be. I will just share with you my understanding of God’s heart and His desire for His people.
    I’ve come to believe through what the Lord has shown me and from scripture that the Lord is doing a work at this time. I believe that He has always desired a people totally given over to His will for their lives. The story of Israel is the pursuit of God after His own, and it’s also a story of His stubborn creation seeking after false Gods and the desires of their own flesh.
    I believe that the Bible gives examples of certain individuals who gave themselves over to the Lord – Enoch is a great example of a man who walked with God as a friend would. i believe the work that God did in Enoch is something that He desires and will do in our generation to cause thousands upon thousands of people living today to die to self and flesh so that they can live in Christ. I believe the true Bride of Christ will be made up of people who are no longer even recognizable to the world because they have been so transformed into Christ’s image, demonstrating both the fullness of the fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit.
    I personally believe, not that God has told me this directly, but that the Bride is a remnant of believers predestined before time to live in the end of time ushering in Jesus return and reigning with Him on this earth for 1000 years. In that, the Bride is definitely not the “church” today which is made up of too many lukewarm worldy people who know the Name of Jesus but who do not know Jesus The Man who lived and lives still. However, The Bride could include men like David and John and women like Esther who surrendered to God so that His will could be done in and through their lives.



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