Snake Pit – Judgment Will Come

A word from the Lord, Nov. 9th, 2014:


“Your ears are open but you do not fully hear.   Snakes coming up out of the pit, the pit growing, the death and destruction evident, the smell of decay.  That is what I see on this earth that I have created by my own two hands.  This was never my intention.  My heart is for love, my heart is for peace and grace.  I mourn at the ugliness of the people that I have created.  Repent I say but their hearts are hardened to me.  Judgment will come.  Stand firm in your faith child.  Time is up.  My anger burns against those that say they are mine but behind closed doors they worship every other God but me.  Money, power, these are the God’s of this generation.  I curse them and turn my back.  I will hold the 4 angels back no longer.   I will release them to do the work that was established before time, to take in my harvest, to call my people to me, my sweet children of Israel.”

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